Life-saving beacon for every diver!

30 Sep 2015

Nowadays we are hearing and reading more and more about divers missing or lost at sea. The good news is that in many cases the life-saving beacons saved these divers in time.

It is worth to think about how useful this little device actually is. More and more liveaboards are providing diver locators free of charge to their divers.

Next time when planning your diving holiday, just think about where you actually want to save money. Maybe daily diving is EUR5-10 cheaper at one place or you can save EUR100 on a diving safari but when you are actually facing danger, no money is too much for saving your life!

Life-saving beacon for every diver!
When someone goes adrift, every second counts! Imagine the following scenario (which could easily happen even to experienced divers). You ascend and reach the water surface. You look around but you only see the silhouette of your boat in the distance. The sun is setting behind you and there is no chance to see you from the boat. The zodiac is cruising trying to find you but the current is taking you farther away. How simple it would be if you could just be easily located by the signals of your beacon and saved!

The safety of our divers is ensured on M/Y Andromeda and M/Y Cassiopeia by the Nautilus Lifeline diver search and locate system. This enhanced security is of course provided free of charge on our boats because our foremost goal is to provide a safe diving environment for all our divers.

For us, your safety comes first!

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Author: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy