Magic March in Sudan!

21 Sep 2015

This is THE ABSOLUTE BEST OFFER you will find anywhere in Sudan in March in 2016. March is ONE OF THE BEST MONTH for scuba diving on a liveaboard in Sudan. The weather is perfect, the water is perfect and all of Sudan’s best marine life is at your fingertips!

Our Special Offer in Sudan 2016:
Dive with us this March and live the magic! Hammerhead 100% GUARANTEED!

Onboard Andromeda
07/03/2016 – 14/03/2016 Monday-Monday Far North Andromeda 5*
14/03/2016 – 21/03/2016 Monday-Monday South Andromeda 5*
21/03/2016 – 28/03/2016 Monday-Monday Far North Andromeda 5*
28/03/2016 – 04/04/2016 Monday-Monday Far North Andromeda 5*

Onboard Cassiopeia
21/03/2016 – 28/03/2016 Monday-Monday Cassiopeia 5*
28/03/2016 – 08/04/2016 Monday-Friday Ultimate Cassiopeia 5*

Magic_march2_wpMarch? Then the Far North Tour! The itinerary will take you all the way North to Angarosh and Abington and show you the underwater world of Cousteau’s Precontinent II at Shaab Rumi with hammerhead sharks and the majestic wreck of Umbria.

The best boats: Experience M/Y Cassiopeia and M/Y Andromeda for yourself, one of THE ABSOLUTE BEST LIVEABOARDS in Sudan and bring your friends along!

Dive with us this March and live the magic!

Need an inspiration for booking? Look at this video!

E-mail us for rates and details! Click here to see real time availability!

Please contact us with your questions and booking requests. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you onboard!

Cassiopeiasafari Team

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Author: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy