18 Dec 2012

Fall season trends

This fall (as we have written several times on our Facebook page) 6-7 longimanus were swimming week after week at Elphinstone. They were circling above scuba divers as good herding dogs would, they were breathing down divers’ necks even at the deco stops.

In hindsight, we could have guaranteed oceanic whitetip sharks during the entire fall season at the Brother Islands, Daedalus and Elphinstone. All the dives were sensational! The regular appearance of huge schools of large fish constantly distracted divers from the other “smaller” creatures hiding near the reefs.

Even our dive guides got all worked up in the fall months as they did not have to search at all for something to see. The sharks were everywhere, circling around the boats and they were expected to show up at any time for a great encounter!

Although it was visible that the past years’ diver traffic had left its marks on the reefs, these sites can still entice with a large shark population and migrating pelagics.

Photos: Daniel Selmeczi
Text: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy

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Author: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy