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02 Mar 2016

What kind of diver are YOU?

Have you ever asked yourself the question – “What kind of a diver am I really?” We have and the result is this article in which we categorised divers into 6 groups. Read the article then choose the category into which you think you most likely fit as a diver. Don’t take it too seriously though. 🙂

Scuba Diver The Deep Diver

They are the ones whose only stop is the sea bottom and they are capable of making a huge splash! They descend as far as they possibly can. Shallow dives find them only with a shovel in hand. They are always beneath the other divers and their hearing is really bad too – no matter how loudly the dive guide is signalling them with the shaker, they just don’t hear it. The only thing to mesmerise them is the deep blue. They are not afraid of narcosis either – actually, they crave it!

The Technical Diver

They are the math geniuses. The only type of diver who lives for charts and decompression theories. They read every article on the subject and know more about diving than any other divers. They continuously show off their equipment, even to recreational divers, their fancy BCDs and perfect DIR settings. They take diving very seriously and let’s be honest, they look down a bit on recreational divers.

The Prepared Diver

Their most important gear, without question, is their diving computer. And they do have the best ones! It is about the size of an iPad. It’s got everything: compass, map and probably a few games for those boring deco stops. They are practically a walking dive shop – light, shaker, writing pad, camera, SMB, pony tank, knife and at least one rubber duck attached to the mouth of their tank. They usually realise they forgot to open the tank once they are already in the water.

Prepared scuba diver
The Cameraman Diver

Now they are the ones who really know how exciting it is to focus on one nudibranch for an entire hour! No diver in his right mind would dare dive with their equipment they are in such dismal state but this doesn’t bother them one bit – they still think they got a good couple of years left in them. They have never heard of the buddy system. Their time between dives is spent exclusively with checking and analysing their photos to see which has the chance to be on the cover of the next National Geographic issue. At first they are taken for snobs but by the end of the tour, everybody wants to download their pictures.

Videographer scuba diverThe Videographer Diver

They are the Tarantinos of the seas! When they are underwater, they are brighter than a submarine. Their lights scorch the eyes of every fish in a 5m radius during night dives. They are willing to look at everything only through their cameras while under the water. They make hours-long recordings of every tour and this material usually ends up untouched with the rest.

The Scientist Diver

They like animals and the sea. The first thing they check when arriving on the boat is if there are any fish guide books onboard. Once out of the water, they run to the dive guide immediately to ask more details about every and each fish they saw. They can’t comprehend if the guide can’t recognise a specie right away. Naturally, they took all special courses relating to marine biology, oceanography and environmental protection.

Well, we would like to know which group do YOU fit into? Or perhaps you feel like you don’t really fit into any of them? Then what would you call your group? Send it to us in the form of a comment!


What kind of diver are YOU?

Deep Diver
Technical Diver
Prepared Diver
Cameraman Diver
Videographer Diver
Scientist Diver

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