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05 Nov 2015

10 things to take with you on your next diving safari!

What not to leave at home? It’s a classic story of turning back from the airport because you left your passport at home. However this time we are not focusing on the regular “to do list” before you travel but rather on the list of the little things that will make your trip more comfortable. Instead of useless stuff and countless outfits, pack these few items!

1. E-book
You can bring with you dozens of e-books on your smart phone, tablet or e-reader without the extra kilos checked in with your luggage. No wind blowing your book pages, no hassle of hauling heavy books onto the airplane or onto the deck on the boat.

e-book reading
2. Personal water bottle
You take it with you to the gym, so bring it with you on your next safari as well. An average adult body requires about 2-3l of water every day to be able to function normally. This, of course, can be affected by the person’s age, weight, activity level and the weather. One of the dangers divers face is dehydration. This is why it is extremely important to stay well hydrated throughout the day and before dives. Keep in mind that Egypt and Sudan is famous for its beautiful warm weather and the days can get pretty scorching at times. It is a good idea to take with you some vitamin-enriched water-soluble tablets that you can easily mix with water in your bottle and sip throughout the day.

3. Tanning supplies
Beware of the sun’s powerful rays! Don’t get baked in the sun! Prevent any immediate and long-term sun damage by applying and re-applying high SPF tanning lotion liberally throughout the day and before and after dives. But if the sun did burn you, bring a cooling oil or ointment as well.

4. Sunglasses
They are a must on the boat, especially when you are surrounded by glittering waters! Did you know that the ancient Roman legionnaires already wore “sunglasses”, or rather the predecessors of today’ sunglasses, to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays? (Throw in a hat for good measure to protect your head as well.)

sunglass and hat5. Ear protection
In windy weather, a knitted hat will do the trick. And what to do if you already have an earache? Experienced divers swear by Betadine drops which alleviate the problem right away. Or bring your own ear drops that work for you along with some cotton balls.

6. Bathing suit
Another must on the boat, especially since diving without it can be a bit tricky. Pack several ones in case they tear, are blown off the boat by the wind or just for variety. Throw a couple of them in your carry-on bag too, in case your luggage doesn’t make it.

7. Towels
Although you will have your own towel in your cabin, we recommend packing a couple of beach towels for toweling off after dives and to use on the decks when sunbathing.

8. Lifesavers from home
Are you a creature of habit when it comes to your snacks? Bring some of Mom’s cookies, or your favourite candies, gummy bears, salty snacks. They can be a real life saver when you get the munchies with no supermarket in sight.

9. Small gifts
It is nice to think of the crew who take care of you and work hard on you having the best time possible onboard. Every little thing will bring a smile to their faces and will be appreciated, be it a hat, a pen, a key chain or a bag of cookies. (Please keep in mind that Egyptians do not consume anything made with or having been in contact with pork meat. It is highly offensive to offer them such goods.)

10. Entertainment
You can always find a good movie on the media player on the boat but you can also bring your own movies. And good music is essential, especially at night when many of you retire to the shisha room to relax and to hang out.

Arabian music and bellydance

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Author: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy