14 Jun 2017

10 tips for newly certified scuba divers

As freshly “graduated” divers, we finally receive our certification that lets us purchase dive packages at any diving centre around the world. We excitedly begin planning and we get the first slap

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Diving with the Eyes of an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist III.

02 Feb 2010

On a scuba diving safari divers can dive up to four times one day and adding to this some snorkelling and fooling around in the water, scuba divers can easily spend up to 6-7 hours a day in water.

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Diving with the Eyes of an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist II.

28 Jan 2010

Every diver's nightmare is the less or more painful ear ache starting on the second or third day of the scuba diving safari which could also last for the whole week. There are many reasons for these ear aches

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Scuba Diver Search and Locate System

08 Dec 2009

New Diver Search and Locate System onboard Andromeda. Last week the SEA MARSHALL diver search and locate security system was installed onboard Andromeda and now both our vessels are equipped with this essential diver security system.

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Safety first onboard Cassiopeia

10 Nov 2009

We have been setting up our scuba divers onboard Cassiopeia with this equipment which provides them with additional safety since 2008. This safety device saves the lives of drift-away divers worldwide.

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