18 Jan 2019

Cousteau’s favourite dive sites (2019 appointments)

Many dive sites close to Cousteau’s own heart had since become world-renowned. But which were the great explorer’s top 10 favourites? Shaab Rumi, Sudan Sipadan, Malaysia Cocos Island, Costa Rica Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand Aliwal Shoal, South Africa Vancouver Island, Canada Blue Hole, Belize Cozumel, Mexico Heron Island, Australia Richelieu Rock, Thailand It is […]

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24 Sep 2018


The word “Sudan” is often enough to ward off visitors, who are relatively scarce in numbers, to a country whose name conjures up such a scary image. Yet, who does travel here, will surely experience one of the greatest journeys of their lives, and with reason. Prior to 2011, Sudan was the largest country in […]

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Precontinent Cousteau
05 Mar 2015

The Far North route of Sudan

Few people know that only three atolls can be found in the Red Sea, two of which are in Sudan (Shaab Rumi and Sanganeb) and one in Eritrea (Dahlak). The atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef, island or group of islands encircling a lagoon.

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25 May 2010

The wreck of Umbria in Sudan

The wreck of UMBRIA, an old italian freighter that provided war material for the italian troops in Eritrea in 1940. When the British entered the vessel, the Captain decided to sink his own ship. Now it´s a terrific place for scuba diving.

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11 May 2010

Diving at Shaab Maksour

This horseshoe-shaped reef lies in open water to the northeast of Ras Banas. The eastern side of the reef has a steeply sloping wall profile, giving way to a sandy slope scattered with coral heads

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26 Mar 2010

Scuba diving at Abu Galawa

Abu Galawa Soghayr is a crescent shaped reef with a turquoise blue lagoon or pool enclosed within the reef towards its leeward side. Galawa is the name which refers to this turquoise colour of the blue pool.

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New wrecks and reefs maps

24 Mar 2010

New coral reef maps published by Red Sea Boats Holidays! We are always looking at ways to improve our blog and having taken note of your comments over the past few months,

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Cousteau's Precontinent
04 Mar 2010

Shaab Rumi: The best place for shark watching

If I had to name just one underwater dive route that would alone be worth the travel to Sudan, it certainly would be Shaab Rumi! Without a doubt it is one of the most picturesque dive sites in the Red Sea. This reef lies 48km from Port Sudan and encircles a beautiful lagoon which we can cross through a man-made strait (actually blown up by Cousteau).

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Sha’ab Rumi best place for shark diving

11 Feb 2010

This is the best scuba dive place on earth and the best place for hammerheads in the Red Sea! During one dive there is a big chance to see 40-50 in front of you.

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Scuba diving at Panorama Reef

13 Jan 2010

The North plateau swarms with lots of big fish, like surgeonfish, unicornfish, barracuda, giant trevallies, whitetip sharks (especially on the West side), grey reef sharks (especially in the afternoon), eagle rays, dolphins, silvertips and even longimanus, the oceanic whitetip shark. Everywhere are turtles.

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