The Sudanese Red Sea – In Unknown Waters down to Eritrea!

13 Feb 2013

We are greeted by scorching heat in Port Sudan. Followed by our safe landing, we are already sitting in mini buses and we are on our way to the marina. Most of the group are first-timers to Sudan, while this is my ninth adventure to Sudan and the fourth in this region. Still, I am just as elated as anyone else. It does not take long to get to the marina. We have a few bites to eat, unpack, set up our diving gear and we are off to sleep.

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Being prepared is always the best start!

21 Dec 2012

As of January this year, all our guests must submit to us their diving insurance company name and policy number before the start of their trip. No need to think of the worst. It is enough just to contemplate the possible financial losses you can incur. Health hazards can come at a hefty price tag. Think about the costs of using a hyperbaric chamber in Egypt, for example, as a result of a diving accident or other medical condition and/or the costs of follow-up treatments in your home country!

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Fall season trends

18 Dec 2012

This fall (as we have written several times on our Facebook page) 6-7 longimanus were swimming week after week at Elphinstone. They were circling above divers as good herding dogs would, they were breathing down divers’ necks even at the deco stops.

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The Red Sea in summer

16 Aug 2012

I am surrounded by sparkling sky-blue sea, softly caressing breeze, infinite tranquility and serene silence as I am sitting in front of the captain’s bridge. Meanwhile the large boat glides from one coral reef to another and I can hardly wait to dive! Until now I have been travelling to the Red Sea for safaris only in the spring and late fall when you could already use a sweater between dives and sometimes a hat too to warm your ears.

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16 weeks of diving in Sudan

08 Jun 2010

Sudan has proven to be once more one of the unsurpassed gems of the Red Sea for scuba divers with its unique underwater sites, friendly atmosphere and superb climate.

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