Interesting facts about diving in Sudan
10 Mar 2016

Interesting facts about scuba diving in Sudan!

100% guaranteed that Sudan is one of the few places left in the world that remains pristine untouched by man.

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Kitesurf kitesafari Red Sea
11 Jan 2016

Kite surfing and diving safari in the Red Sea!

The Red Sea is the stomping ground of kite and wind surfers and divers alike. Why? Because it provides a smooth transition between the various extreme sports.

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sunglass and hat
05 Nov 2015

10 things to take with you on your next diving safari!

What not to leave at home? It’s a classic story of turning back from the airport because you left your passport at home. However this time we are not focusing on the regular “to do list” before you travel

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We are starting off with some good news for the fall!

13 Oct 2015

Sudan is waiting for you again between February and June. Come and see the wonders for the first time or return to make new memories or even try something different than before. Sharks are guaranteed!

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Sanganeb lighhouse liveaboard miracle
24 Mar 2015

The Red Sea’s one unique lighthouse after another

The Red Sea is home to numerous reefs and islands yet only a handful of lighthouses have been built since the 1800s. All three islands (Daedalus, Big Brother, Sanganeb)

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Arabian Cafe onboard – Comfort of the East

26 Feb 2010

There is a special room onboard Cassiopeia and Andromeda, which is reminiscent of real Arabian cafes. The furnishings, the shishas (water pipes) which can be smoked right there, the coffee and tee served to the guests and the music, they all create true Egyptian ambiance.

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Abu Fandira
23 Feb 2010

New diving safari routes in Egypt

We have expanded our scuba diving safari tour destinations in Egypt! If you have already been to Hurghada, Safaga, the Deep South, the Brother Islands, Daedalus, Rocky and Zabargad,

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Scheduled dry dock for Cassiopeia III.

04 Feb 2010

After a long scuba diving safari season, boat Cassiopeia arrived in the dry dock at the beginning of December, and into experienced and professional hands to make the entire live aboard announce that she is back in Hurghada now with all her new permits.

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