17 Jul 2018

The Ultimate Diving Packing List

Taking a diving liveboard trip?

What if you forget something?  No worries.  Just tick and pack, and you are done! 

  • Check the passport/visa requirements for your destination. Does your passport need to be valid 3-6 months following your departure date or have a certain number of blank pages? Do you need a visa? 
  • Check outbound/inbound airline and airport requirements. Determine how long you need to arrive before your flight. 
  • Baggage allowance, the weight and size of your diving equipment and bag are important factors to consider.
  • Make sure you have travel and dive insurance. Determine where the nearest hyperbaric chamber is.
  • Make photocopies of all your travel documents in case of emergency.
  • Read up on the location’s culture and etiquette (Do you need to tip? )  Do you need to dress conservatively (Sudan)?
  • Set automatic out-of-office-replay in your mail system.
  • Make sure you have plenty of room on your camera’s memory card.
  • Leave an extra house key with a family member or friend.
  • When you travel you shouldn’t forget anything important back home (personal medicines, special food if it is needed).
  • Use our ultimate scuba trip checklist to prepare for your next scuba trip.


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Author: Cassiopeia Safari