21 Mar 2016

Things you do NOT want to hear on a diving safari!

We have collected the most memorable lines we had encountered during our diving safaris and we are still talking about. The list is not even close to being complete, so feel free to add to it by writing a comment. 🙂

diving safari egypt red sea
1. I hope this time I won’t end up in the deco chamber!

2. I haven’t been diving in 15 years but it’s like riding a bicycle, right?

3. Which Oxygen tank is mine?

4. Does anybody have a spare computer? Mine is flashing and beeping all the time because I skipped the deco stop.

5. How do I know when to get back to the surface?

6. I’ve got 2 left fins. They both have an “L” on them.

7. What does it feel like to dive in the sea? I’ve only been in a swimming pool so far.

8. I’ve lost my contacts.

9. When we’re down and it turns out I don’t have enough weights, can you lend me some?

10. Has anybody seen my dive buddy?

scuba diver uw photo
11. Usually I run out of air pretty quickly. Can I use your octopus?

12. This will everybody’s last dive.

13. Will you show me which coral will look good in my bathroom?

14. Which fin goes on which foot?

15. Which hose should I breathe from?

16. I’m an experienced diver. I have at least a dozen dives.

17. There are no sharks around here, right?

18. What is a deco?

19. How much time will my air be enough for?

20. What are we going to see under the water?

21. Can I swim near you on the next dive? Don’t tell anybody but my computer has been beeping loudly since the first dive.

22. How many bars are supposed to be in a tank?

23. Whose is this mask under my tank?

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Author: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy