19 May 2012

Video diary from Sudan, 12.05 – 19.05, 2012

This past week in Sudan has surpassed our previous expectations. We have never seen so many things all at once before! There were hammerheads, reef sharks, dolphins and pilot whales in all numbers.

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12 May 2012

Video diary from Sudan, 05.05 – 12.05, 2012

The Sudanese Red Sea has shown its most romantic sides. Divers have experienced some rare enjoyment. There were strings of run-ins with hammerhead and grey reef sharks and a breathtaking meeting with a manta!

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06 May 2012

Video diary from Sudan, 28.04 – 05.05, 2012

Turtle entourage, small caves, drift dives and surprise – this week again perfect shark statistics. :-)

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04 May 2012

Video diary from Sudan, 15.04 – 28.04, 2012

Shark tales and dancing circles at Precontinent – 2 weeks of divers’ paradise! :-) There were at least 30-50 sharks on most dives! This is the summary of our North and South adventure tour.

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09 Apr 2012

Video diary from Sudan, 31.03 – 07.04, 2012

Posseidon was not thrifty with us this week either, there were plenty to see and good currents too and the colourful weekly count was high in sharks.

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01 Apr 2012

Video diary from Sudan, 24.03 – 31.03, 2012

The Sudan video summary of our last week in March of 2012. The recording speaks for itself despite the sometimes poor visibility at the South reefs!

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26 Mar 2012

Video diary from Sudan, 17.03 – 24.03, 2012

Our Sudan video diary records the best underwater moments one week after the other. This way divers diving that week are able to show their family and friends what they had seen under the water.

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12 Mar 2012

Sudan – Shaab Rumi

Grey reef sharks at Shaab Rumi

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11 Mar 2012

Sudan – Jumna reef

Diving with hammerhead sharks on a South tour

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