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05 Feb 2016

All about Kite safari in Egypt!

How does a “Kite and Dive” safari begin?

Contact us -> Book the boat -> Book the flights -> Fly to Hurghada -> Enjoy your kite safari

The boat leaves Hurghada on Sundays. We may also be able to accommodate departures on other days but it requires special arrangements.

Kitesafari onboard Cassiopeia!In 2016…ARE YOU READY TO FLY?

Közzétette: Cassiopeiasafari – 2016. január 29.

How does a Kite safari work in Egypt?

We meet you at the Hurghada airport and transfer you by bus to the marina where you can accommodate your cabins and settle in right away. The boat sails out the following morning at about 9 o’clock. We choose the best spots based on the given day’s weather and wind conditions. During a kite safari we discover the islands north of Hurghada. The boat operates as a base. Every day we anchor near various islands and lagoons and the surfers are transferred to the beach by zodiacs (motor boats) where they can rip, take kiting lessons or sunbathe.

You can choose from among spots that vary from completely shallow and flat water to choppy with high surfs. Those who prefer to do the freestyle tricks, we take inside the lagoons onto totally flat waters and those who prefer to ride the waves, we drop off on the outer parts of the islands. No need to pump the kites here – we always go where the winds are. We inflate the kites and hand them to you. If you are not a surfer yet but would like to become one, you can do that too on a safari with a certified kite surfing instructor.

Kitesafari red seaThe all-inclusive (except for alcoholic beverages) main meals (breakfast, lunch, midday snacks, dinner) are served on the boat but there is a chance to have a BBQ on one of the islands as well. The scrumptious dinner is served by the bonfire on the beach.

Besides surfing, you can also scuba dive, snorkel, swim with dolphins, relax, listen to music, read, watch movies in the spacious air-conditioned salon, smoke shisha in our unique and authentic Arabic shisha room, sunbathe on the sun deck, enjoy the gorgeous view, the sunsets, the sky full of stars and of course, make new friends. The week is about kite surfing and relaxing!

You spend 7 days on the boat at sea. You can gather in the Egyptian-style shisha room at nights to share your day’s experiences. On the 7th day we return to the marina in Hurghada where you still have some time to visit the town. The following day we transfer you back to the airport for your flight home.

About our boats

Our uniquely designed 4-storey (deck) motor yachts Andromeda and Cassiopeia cater to our guests’ every needs. During the 1- and 2-week safaris spacious, en-suite, tastefully furnished cabins, large dining room, salon and sun deck make their stay comfortable. The heart of the boats is the shisha room that is shrouded in Oriental ambiance where fantastic stories and experiences are shared every night under the magical cloud of tasteful shisha. Our experienced and professional crew speak several languages and await the guests’ arrival. Each boat is equipped with 2 zodiacs that provide assistance in scuba diving, kite surfing and transfers between the islands.

Kitesurf egyptThe sun can be enjoyed all year round on our 100m2 sun deck. It’s well know those who like to eat, take “The One” on Valentine’s Day to a restaurant instead of the theatre or cinema. The same can apply on our boats. The daily three main meals served in a buffet style and the afternoon snacks and fruits cater a plentiful assortment to meat lovers and vegetarians alike.
See you onboard!

A Kite safari day by day

Day 1:
Arriving in Hurghada airport and a 10-minute bus ride to the marina. After boarding and a brief orientation, everybody can accommodate their cabins and set up their equipment. Throughout the entire week the same guides, captain, chef and crew will be at your service 24 hours a day.

Day 2:
Sailing out in the morning. You will spend the next 6 days at sea by the most perfect and undiscovered kiting spots, islands, sand bars and lagoons. You will have breakfast on the way out of the marina then arrive at the first huge shallow lagoon where you can start the warm-up rides. You will spend the night anchored by the island.

Day 3:
Moving on to the next spot in the morning which is pretty close to the shore. Huge waves pound the outer skirts of the coral reef but on the side closer to the shore the water is calm and shallow. After finishing the afternoon rides and while the dinner is being prepared, you can gather in the salon to watch on the large TV screen your shots made that day.

Day 4:
It’s time to visit one of the most extreme spots! During the north kite safari we mostly sail among the islands and chase the best winds. But it’s time to check under the boards, so to say, because something breathtaking is waiting for you there! We will visit a truly undiscovered spot where dolphins are usual visitors. Besides surfing, the lagoon is perfect for SUP-ping (stand-up paddling) and scuba diving too.

Day 5:
After a huge breakfast, a fantastic ride is waiting for you – a 6km kite ride in tail wind to the next spot. The boat and zodiacs will of course follow you all the way! You will start from a flat water and as you leave the protection of the island, you will have a taste of some bigger surfs. This is the best place for high jumps, flights and spins! The next spot will be a large bay which is perfect for any sort of water sports!

Day 6:
Sailing in the morning to the last spot of the week – an emerald green sheltered lagoon. You can choose between a shallow and flat water or a more choppy surface. You must, at least once, watch the sunset from the upper deck with aperitif in your hand!

Day 7: 
You will ride in the lagoon from early morning until noon. After a good-by-to-the-sea lunch, the boat will head back to Hurghada to the marina. After mooring, you will have a chance to rinse your equipment with fresh water. If you still have some energy left towards the end of the week, you can get a taste of the Hurghada night life.

The order and number of the spots we visit may change depending on the weather conditions. This is always the captain’s decision, keeping in mind the safety of the guests, the crew and the boat.

Our kite safari route in Egypt

Kitesafari Egypt mapThe itinerary is finalised before the start of the tour. The planned itinerary, the choice and the number of spots may change depending on the weather conditions. This is always the captain’s decision, keeping in mind the safety of the guests, the crew and the boat. The departure and arrival marinas may change due to the itineraries before and after the tour, fuelling locations, inspections by authorities, etc. But basically for these safaris we use Hurghada as the harbour.

About wind conditions in Egypt

The main wind direction in the region is from the north-northwest. Thanks to the local topography, the winds here are pretty steady and dense, to the great joy of riders! During the winter months the winds are predominantly from the northwest which is above or equal to the Beaufort scale of 4 in 65% of the time according to the wind stats. This is pretty optimal for this time of the year and is higher percentage wise because you can easily ride in steady 3Bft winds with large (12-14m2) kites. During this period the number of very or slightly windy days is higher and it is recommended to bring along 9-12m2 kites (for an 80kg rider) to be able to cover the most wind spectrum possible. In the summer months the percentage of 4Bft and above winds is 75-80%, mainly from the north, with an average speed of 15-20 knots. It is important to note that these winds are free of thrusts and gusts, so beginner and advanced surfers can equally use the momentum.

Winter and summer season for kitesurfers in Egypt:

Level: Beginner, advanced and pro alike.

Size of kite:
Varies (depends on the rider’s skills, weight, the wind speed, type of kite, etc.)
Example: for an 80kg rider a 12-19m2 is recommended (7-14m2 kites are used in the region).

Dominant wind:
In winter: from north-northwest, 65% above 4Bft
In summer: from northwest-north-northeast, 75-80% above 4Bft
Average wind speed: 15-20 knots (about 25-35 km/hr)

Flat-water behind sand bars, speed-water, crystal clear turquoise water, free of rocks and corals, the choppy sides usually have coral reefs and rocks and is recommended for advanced riders only.

In winter: 3-5mm, long neoprene suit
In summer: short, thin neoprene suit, board shorts

Average water temperature:
In winter: 21-24C
In summer: 25-29C

Average air temperature:
In winter: 18-25C (the nights are cool)
In summer: 28-32C

Additional services:

  • Scuba diving
  • Introductory diving
  • SUP
  • Snorkeling
  • Yoga classes (can be arranged in advance)

kitesafari in egyptRates of the kite safari in Egyt:
Individual rate: EUR800 / person / week
Full-charter rate: EUR16,800 / 26 person / week

The rates include:

  • Bus transfers between Hurghada airport and the boat
  • 7 nights full-board accommodations onboard in double cabins (last night may be in a hotel if necessary because of the following tour)
  • Buffet-style meals 3 times a day, fruits and snacks
  • Unlimited mineral water, tea, coffee (Nescafe), soft drinks
  • 2 local guides
  • Kite surfing (excluding equipment)
  • Snorkeling (excluding equipment)
  • Boat permissions
  • Shisha onboard in the shisha room
  • Towel and bed linens
  • Free WIFI onboard (where there is appropriate coverage)

The rates do not include:

  • Flight tickets, entry visa to Egypt
  • Single-cabin surcharge
  • Upper-cabin (sea view) surcharge
  • Surcharge for arrival on other day than Sunday
  • Alcoholic beverages (may be purchased at the Duty-Free shops in Hurghada before the tour)
  • Equipment rental (upon request)
  • SUP rental: EUR20 / person / hour
  • Introductory scuba dive: EUR30 / person / dive
  • Nitrox (max. 32%): EUR5 / tank (for Nitrox-certified divers only)
  • Satellite phone use: EUR3 / minute
  • Personal expenses
  • Lost towel fee: EUR10 / towel, lost weight fee
  • Bakshish (tip) to the crew and guides (EUR30 / person / week is recommended)
  • Touristic programs
  • Travel and sports insurance
  • All others not listed above

Departures in 2016:

July 10 – 17.
September 25 – October 2.
November 20 – 27.
November 27 – December 4.
December 4 – 11.
December 11 – 18.

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