14 Sep 2014

Behind our Lense – The Squid

Night dives always bring some surprises that one does not easily forget. On my last trip (near a small wreck near Gubal Island) I met up with a pair of squids. They allowed themselves to be photographed for about 5 minutes, perhaps a bit memorised by the strong light of the focus lamp.

Behind our Lense – The Squid Red SeaAt times they moved so close that I was able to take portrait shots of them and at other times they moved away. And what was even more interesting is that their colour was slowly changing. At first they were bluish then more yellowish and in the end I was able to take a shot of them in their almost completely red appearance. This is when I liked them the most!

A pair of squids, Gubal Island
Squids in Egypt
Photo and text by Andras Pohl

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Author: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy