Dive with us in Saudi Arabia!


Your liveaboard in Saudi Arabia, M/Y ANDROMEDA

Due to the political climate in Sudan at the moment, we have decided to sail to Saudi Arabia this spring and dive the Farasan Banks which are at the same latitude as the Sudanese dive sites except on the Eastern shores of the Red Sea.

About Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is surrounded by never ending legends, famous stories, and mysteries. Up until a few years ago, entry into the country was permitted only to religious pilgrims and business visitors. However recently, when the country began to issue tourist visas as well, it opened its doors even wider, and travellers can finally explore this enigmatic country, full of cultural and historical sites.

The Arabian Peninsula is a large, mostly desert-covered geographic area, at the convergence of Southwest Asia and Africa in the Middle East and with great petroleum and natural gas reserves that gave the region great economic and political presence in the 20th century.

In the middle of the desert is the Saudi capital Riyadh with a population of more than 7 million.

About Jeddah

Our first group of divers landed here in March this year. They travelled by bus to the town of Al Lith, and from the harbour they sailed toward Farasan Banks. The Red Sea coast town of Jeddah is a port city and a commercial centre, and the second largest city in the Kingdom.

Flights to/from Jeddah

– From your country to Jeddah (most large cities now have direct flights to Jeddah)
– Or you may choose your flight to Jeddah at your preference

Saudi tourist visa

Nationals of the countries listed on the visa portal www.visa.visitsaudi.com may easily and quickly purchase the Saudi tourist visa on this or on the portal www.visa.mofa.gov.sa in the form of an e-visa.

The 365-day Saudi tourist visa is a multiple-entry visa, permitting a stay for up to 90 days in the country per entry.

The tourist visa may also be purchased on arrival for nationals listed on the above portal but we recommend this to last-minute travellers only. Whether online or on arrival, you are able to pay with a card only. (The visa fee, including mandatory insurance, is about USD110.)

Boat schedules

From February until March 29, Friday – Friday
From March 31 until the end of May, Sunday – Sunday

Your liveaboard: M/Y Andromeda

M/Y Andromeda is a diving motor yacht (liveaboard). She boasts 4 decks and provides guest accommodations in 13 double cabins. Each cabin is air-conditioned, equipped with en-suite bathroom with sink, toilet, and hot-water shower. One dive deck, a spacious diving platform, and 3 sun decks provide comfort and ample space for our guests. There is a dining room, a salon, and a beloved shisha room. For most of the dives our divers are transferred to the dive sites with 2 zodiacs. Our boat is fast, spacious, and comfortable – a large liveaboard with a warm and helpful crew.


Dive with us the Farasan Banks, famous for their out-of-this-world reefs and wild islands. Sizeable fish and magical walls are waiting for you this coming spring on our Saudi diving safaris. Jacques Cousteau’s first expedition to the Red Sea aboard his beloved Calypso was in 1963, and exactly in these waters which he called one of the most amazing and most pristine places on Earth.

The Farasan Banks are a large collection of islands made up of islets and coral reefs. The entire region is of volcanic origin. The madrepore (stony coral) columns growing on the rim of the old craters formed these vertical walls from the depths of over 300 metres. The islets, mainly circular or oblong in shape, are often surrounded by an outer coral belt which are testament to their volcanic origins. At first glance the islands and islets seem to be similar however each has its own secret, starting with the different composition of the fossilised coral layers that determined their formation.

The very fine coral sand on the shores is an ideal home for turtles that lay their eggs there all year round. Bird colonies nesting in the low vegetation make this group of islands a rare and beautiful natural oasis.

The demand for our new destination is quite high, so please make sure to reserve your places on the boat optionally before purchasing any flight tickets.

Price list


1. Boat rate: 1 478 EUR/person/week + 15% VAT

2. Fuel surcharge: 150 EUR/person/week

3. Saudi Arabian taxes, permissions, transfer, marina: 250 EUR/person/week

Feel free to contact us for further details (prices, group discount, free weeks, extras). We look forward to seeing you all in Saudi Arabia on board M/Y Andromeda!

Check out our brand new website: https://diving-saudi-arabia.com/


Sky blue seas, stunning coral reefs basking in thousands of colours, uninhabited islands with white sandy beaches, an endless aquarium as far as the eye can see… It’s a postcard dream… This is Egypt…

Relax and spend a week on a 5* diving safari in nature, with no distractions.

Following the family safari season this summer, now the fall diving season has begun!

You can still join us on one of our safaris from north to south along the Egyptian Red Sea. If you would like to test how well you know the Red Sea dive sites, guess which one of these photos was taken at Tiran, Zabargad, Elphinstone, Daedalus, Ghiannis D, Claudia Reef, the Brother Islands, El Malahi, Wadi el Gimal, Satayah…

For tour dates, prices, and for further information, write to us: info@cassiopeiasafari.com

We continuously advertise our tour dates with availability. At the moment you can join us on the following weeks:

  • October 3 – 10, 2021 Brothers+South, 2 free places
  • October 10 – 17, 2021 Brothers+South, 1 free place
  • October 17 – 24, 2021 South, 6 free places
  • October 24 – 31, 2021 Full
  • October 31 – November 7, 2021 St Johns+Rocky+Zabargad, 15 free places
  • November 7 – 14, 2021 Available to book
  • November 14 – 21, 2021 Full
  • November 21 – 28, 2021 South, 2 free places

We have been working with M/Y Andromeda since 2009. She is a diving liveaboard built based on a unique design, especially for divers and for family liveaboard vacations. The spacious air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms, the large dining room, salon, and sun deck all make the week-long safaris even more enjoyable. The heart of the boat is the shisha room, enticing you with the spirit of the Middle East, where you can spend your evenings, sharing stories, in the lingering smoke of delicious, flavourful shisha. An experienced, cohesive, multilingual team is waiting for your arrival, may it be to dive or to simply relax… See you onboard!

For tour dates, prices, and for further information, write to us: info@cassiopeiasafari.com

Családi hajóstúrák

Kedves Búváraink!

Életre szóló élmény az egész családnak! Nyaraljatok együtt lakóhajónkon a Vörös-tengeren 1 hetes családi túráinkon!  Évek óta csináljuk ezeket a túrákat nyáron. Egyre nagyobb rá az igény, mert a családi állapotunk, élethelyzetünk megváltozott. Nem akarunk már egyedül búvártúrára menni. Szeretnénk bevonni a családjainkat is. Jó nézni, hogy a párunk sem unatkozik és a lurkóinkat is alig lehet nap végén kiimádkozni a vízből.

Fehér homokos lakatlan szigeteken kötünk ki és a természet ölén töltjük az egész hetet.  A gyerekek együtt pancsolnak szüleikkel vagy gyerek társaikkal, élvezik a tiszta és meleg tenger adta lehetőségeket. Rácsodálkoznak a Vörös tenger csodáira.

Egy hetes nyaraló program, teljes ellátással családoknak, búvároknak és nem búvároknak egyaránt.  Búvár tanfolyamot végzőnek kiváló lehetőség.


  • 2021. június 20-27. – MEGTELT
  • 2021. július 4-11. – MEGTELT
  • 2021. július 18 – 25. – MEGTELT
  • 2021. július 25 – augusztus 1.  – MEGTELT
  • 2021. augusztus 1 – 8. – 4 hely foglalható
  • 2021. augusztus 8 – 15.  – MEGTELT
  • 2021. augusztus 15 – 22. – MEGTELT
  • 2021. augusztus 22 – 29. – 6 hely foglalható


Részletekért, árakért írjatok nekünk az info@redseaboats.hu e-mail címre!

Egyiptomi hajós szafarik 2021-ben

Kedves Búváraink!

Idén is szeretettel várjuk a merülni vágyókat az Andromedára.

Igyekeztünk változatos túraútvonalakkal készülni nektek, hogy mindenki megtalálja a számára megfelelőt. Feketeöves búvárainknak a déli merülőhelyeket javasoljuk. A kicsit tapasztalatlanabbaknak az északi útvonalat.

Hajós szafarik dátuma:

  • 2021. február 20-27. (Déli túra) – Kifutott
  • 2021. május 29. június 5. (Északi túra) – Kifutott
  • 2021. június 27- július 4. (Déli túra) – MEGTELT
  • 2021. július 11 – 18. (Dél – Daedalus ) – MEGTELT
  • 2021. augusztus 29 – szeptember 1. (Brothers – Daed. – Elph. ) – MEGTELT
  • 2021. szeptember 5 – 12. (Észak – Tirán ) – MEGTELT
  • 2021. szeptember 12 – 19. (Észak – Tirán ) – 15 hely foglalható
  • 2021. szeptember 19 – 26. (St-Johns – mélydél ) – 14 hely foglalható
  • 2021. szeptember 26. – október 3. (Déli túra ) – 6 hely foglalható
  • 2021. október 3. – október 10. (St-Johns – mélydél ) – 14 hely foglalható
  • 2021. október 10. – október 17. (Déli túra ) – 6 hely foglalható
  • 2021. október 17. – október 14. (Déli túra ) – MEGTELT
  • 2021. október 24. – október 31. (Brothers – Daed. – Elph.) – 10 hely foglalható
  • 2021. október 31. – november 7. (Északi túra ) – 14 hely foglalható
  • 2021. november 7. – november 14. – Foglalható
  • 2021. november 14. – november 21. (Északi túra) – 13 hely foglalható
  • 2021. november 21. – november 28. (Déli túra) – 8 hely foglalható


Részletekért, árakért írjatok nekünk az info@redseaboats.hu e-mail címre.