31 Mar 2014

50% off from the second week in Sudan!

If by any chance you and/or your guests are able to extend your holiday by 1 week, we would like to welcome you for a second week and offer you 50% OFF from the boat rate.

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20 Nov 2013

Join our Christmas and Scuba Diving Safari in Egypt!

Fabulous accommodation onboard M/Y Cassiopeia! Festive 10-course X-mas dinner Excellent diving in the Deep South of the Red Sea

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06 Nov 2013

Ladies rock on Cassiopeia in Sudan!

Are you a Lady? Are you a Scuba Diver? Are you dreaming about diving with sharks? Then don't go further: March is the month of shark lover Scuba Diver Girls!

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Swimming in the Red Sea
24 Oct 2013

Myths about Live-Aboard Dive Boats

Live-aboard dive boats have been around for a long time and they are really becoming more and more popular in the diving community. What is the Liveaboard Lifestyle?

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04 Jul 2013

Diving with the Eyes of an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

In our new series of articles Dr. Gabor Kiefer, an ear, nose and throat specialist answers your questions that come up most frequently during diving, on holidays and diving tours. If you have any questions regarding the topics or other issues, feel free to comment.

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03 May 2013

In focus – the grey reef shark

This week the hammerhead sharks took backstage to the grey reef sharks. And did they ever perform – they were seen at almost all reefs. The first two days were a bit windy then the seas calmed down.

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04 Mar 2013

Angarosh, the “Mother of Sharks”

This time around we have enjoyed a lot more sunny days then last week. Winds were not too strong and luckily the waters were quite calm at the northern dive sites. Our dives were made more colourful by the schools of hammerheads, jackfish and barracuda. This week Angarosh rocked!

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13 Feb 2013

The Sudanese Red Sea – In Unknown Waters down to Eritrea!

We are greeted by scorching heat in Port Sudan. Followed by our safe landing, we are already sitting in mini buses and we are on our way to the marina. Most of the group are first-timers to Sudan, while this is my ninth adventure to Sudan and the fourth in this region. Still, I am just as elated as anyone else. It does not take long to get to the marina. We have a few bites to eat, unpack, set up our diving gear and we are off to sleep.

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Being prepared is always the best start!

21 Dec 2012

As of January this year, all our guests must submit to us their diving insurance company name and policy number before the start of their trip. No need to think of the worst. It is enough just to contemplate the possible financial losses you can incur. Health hazards can come at a hefty price tag. Think about the costs of using a hyperbaric chamber in Egypt, for example, as a result of a diving accident or other medical condition and/or the costs of follow-up treatments in your home country!

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18 Dec 2012

Fall season trends

This fall (as we have written several times on our Facebook page) 6-7 longimanus were swimming week after week at Elphinstone. They were circling above divers as good herding dogs would, they were breathing down divers’ necks even at the deco stops.

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