Lighthouse at Sanganeb in Sudan
25 Mar 2014

Whaling around in Sudan

This is not the first time we have seen pilot whales in Sudan this year but this time around we were actually able to snap a few photos of them. Whale or dolphin?

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How to lure sharks closer?

12 Mar 2014

Cheese is used to lure mice. How about sharks? Sharks do not need to be lured. At least not in Sudan. The giant groupers swarming near the reefs provide a good enough reason for the presence of larger predators.

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Shaab Rumi - North Sudan
10 Mar 2014

6 Must-see Dive Sites in Sudan

Are you planning on diving in 2014? Here are a couple of ideas where you could… We chose a few from the most beautiful and most exciting dive sites which you must definitely see in the Sudanese Red Sea!

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A rare sighting in the Sudanese Red Sea

05 Mar 2014

There was a rare sighting in the Port Sudan harbour last week, none other than the unusual line-up of stars. The ideal thing would be to see the line-up for yourself but for those of you who are not in the neighbourhood these days, we will tell you what you could see.

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Are you safe while you are diving?

26 Feb 2014

The safety of our divers is enhanced on both our liveaboards – M/Y Cassiopeia and M/Y Andromeda – by our Nautilus Lifeline diver search and locate security system.

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Nemo, hammerhead and manta in Sudan!

20 Feb 2014

If it’s the beginning of February, then it must be our tried and true routine again! What else than a Sudan safari? We are over our first tour and of course, there was much to see, from Nemo to hammerheads with a manta for excitement.

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Scuba diving in Sudan
09 Jan 2014

Our first big announcement in 2014!

We have been anxious to share with you the news since we had been getting ready for it for months! We have made the final decision! Due to popular and big demand, both our boats (M/Y Andromeda and M/Y Cassiopeia) will be in Sudan in the first half of 2014!

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The special THREE on Andromeda in Sudan!

29 Nov 2013

The sudanese Red Sea is equally spectacular if not better! The more experienced and adventurous divers have been coming here for years but as the word spreads of pristine reefs, healthy shark populations and

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Join our Christmas and Scuba Diving Safari in Egypt!

20 Nov 2013

Fabulous accommodation onboard M/Y Cassiopeia! Festive 10-course X-mas dinner Excellent diving in the Deep South of the Red Sea

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Ladies rock on Cassiopeia in Sudan!

06 Nov 2013

Are you a Lady? Are you a Scuba Diver? Are you dreaming about diving with sharks? Then don't go further: March is the month of shark lover Scuba Diver Girls!

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