Behind our Lense – The Squid

14 Sep 2014

Night dives always bring some surprises that one does not easily forget. On my last trip (near a small wreck near Gubal Island) I met up with a pair of squids.

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Beyond the lens – 70…

27 Aug 2014

This was the biggest experience of my life! Topping our meeting 2 days earlier, this time around a pod of 70 dolphins was swimming and playing along the southern, more shallow end of the Shaab Marsa Alam reef.

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The Pipefish in Focus

21 Aug 2014

“I have no idea why but I began to focus on the two tiny strands of seagrass gently floating close to the sea bottom. Perhaps I was drawn by the perfect harmony of their movements. I descended near them in the sand and began to watch them from even closer

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Dolphin and wreck safari!

06 Aug 2014

We have several good news – our latest safari offer is real dolphin madness! If you haven’t met dolphins before, or not enough, or you just can’t get enough of them, then you must really book yourself on this trip.

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WIN A FREE Liveaboard trip for 2 persons!

30 May 2014

Win a Free Diving Safari! For 2 persons from 27th July until 03rd August, 2014! Sign up to our monthly Newsletter on our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari Page and win

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One of the most spectacular dive sites in the world

07 May 2014

Dahrak Abid, the southernmost reef in the Sudanese Red Sea, lies 220km south of Port Sudan. The Eritrean border is only 30km from here. A populous bird colony lives undisturbed on this flat, 500m-long island.

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barracuda in Sudan
28 Apr 2014

Breathtaking images from Sudan!

This week we have received not only good news and breathtaking images from Sudan but a fresh, hot-of-the-press video surprise … off the back of a bird. Yes, you heard it right!

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Interesting facts of the Red Sea
16 Apr 2014

Interesting facts about the Red Sea!

Did you know all these facts from the Red Sea? Why is the Red Sea called the Red Sea? How many species of fish are living there? What is the average water temperature of the Red Sea?

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Hammerhead “hunt”

10 Apr 2014

If we are talking about the Sudanese Red Sea, we must emphasise that you can expect to dive with sharks at most dive sites. Sudan’s truly unique trait is when you are surrounded by a school of sharks so large, you cannot see beyond it and even the most experienced dive guides used to seeing plenty of sharks are left in an awe.

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50% off from the second week in Sudan!

31 Mar 2014

If by any chance you and/or your guests are able to extend your holiday by 1 week, we would like to welcome you for a second week and offer you 50% OFF from the boat rate.

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