Scuba diving at Sha’ab Claudia

20 Nov 2009

Sha'ab Claudia (sometimes known as Sha'ab Claude) is a small reef with lots of disturbed water at the surface and can have quite large swells in the top 5m of water. The west side of the reef has lovely hard coral

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Abu Hashish Island Red Sea

12 Nov 2009

Abu Hashish is the island at the centre of a wide bay, 90 minutes South of Hurghada. The island was once used as a drop-off point for smugglers bringing hash into the country. A tongue of reef extends about 1 kilometre South of the island.

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Scuba Diving at Malahi reef

06 Nov 2009

Along with Sha’ab Claudia, this is one of the most visited and famous reef in the Fury Shoals reef system. The main attraction here is the southern part of the reef, which is situated directly next to the boat. This is an explorer’s dream. The reef formation is like a playground of craggy corals, canyons and labyrinthine caves all waiting to be discovered.

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Ship wreck of Giannis D

05 Nov 2009

The Sha’ab Abu Nuhas large coral reef lies in the Gubal straight. This reef is just as well known (although feared) among sailors as it is among scuba divers.

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Sattayah – Dolphin House

03 Nov 2009

Dolphin Reef is one of the most famous divesite because of it’s dolphins and walls. This is a horseshoe-shaped reef found in the Red Sea.

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