SUDAN – Deep South Tour

The 2-week Deep South tour is perfect for those who have already been to Sudan and wish to see even more and for those who would like to be part of a true adventure.

This is a unique itinerary, sailing all the way South to Dahrait Abid, close to the Eritrean border and including such sites as Masamirit, Barra Mussa Kebir, Keary, Pender, Logan and Protector Reefs, Shaab Ambar and Umbria, among others. The untouched and barely discovered sites hide marvellous marine life and tremendous sharks galore.

There are only a couple of liveboard ships sailing to this Southern region of the Sudanese Red Sea, making this a truly exclusive and one-of-a-kind safari. It is recommended only to advanced divers.

OUR OFFER: 03 – 17 June, 2013 – Individual availability (limited places!)
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First day:

1. Sanganeb –South – check dive,
2. Sha’b-Jumna-South – second dive
3. Sha’b-Ambar-North – third „sunset” dive and overnight in the North-lagoon

Second day:

1. Sha’b-Ambar-South platou – first dive
2. Keary-reef-North-platou – second dive
3. Logan-reef North-platou – third dive and overnight in the Sha’b-Ambar-North-lagoon

Third day:

1. Protector-reef-South-platou – first dive
2. Protector-reef-South-platou – second dive
3. Preserver-reef East-reef – third dive and overnight at Preserver-South (in case of bad weather back to Sha’b-Ambar-North-lagoon)

Fourth day:

1. Bara Musa Saqir – first dive
2. Karam-Masamirit-South-platou – second dive (Zodiac-riding)
3. Karam-Masamirit-South-platou – third dive (Zodiac riding) overnight at Masamiri South side

Fifth day:

1. Karam-Masamirit-South-platou – first dive (Zodiac riding)
2. Masamirit-East-platou – second dive
3. Masamirit-West-corner – third dive and overnight at Masamirit-South side

Sixth day:

1. Ghab-Abi-island – first dive
2. Dahrat Qab-island East-corner – second dive
3. Dahrat Qab-island-West corner – third dive and overnight here

Seventh day:

1. Dahrat Qab South-reef (Habily) South-platou (Tigers) – first dive
2. Dahrat Qab South-reef (Habily) South-platou (Tigers) – second dive
3. Dahrat Qab East-platou – third dive and overnight at Dahrat Qab

Eighth day:

1. Miyum – first dive
2. Qab Miyum – second dive
3. Dahrat Qab East – platou and overnight

Ninth day:

1. Dahrat Abid-South-East-corner – first dive
2. Dahrat Abid-South-East-corner – second dive
3. Dahrat Qab – third dive and overnight

Tenth day:

1. Dahrat-Ed Dak Hilat-East-corner – first dive
2. Ed Domesh Shesh-island – second dive
3. Sha’b-Loka – third dive and overnight

Eleventh day:

1. Shab-Loka-East – first dive
2. Barra Musa Kebir – second dive
3. Sha’b-Tawil – third dive and overnight

Twelfth day:

1. Nakhalat Pinnacle – first dive
2. Pender-reef-South – second dive
3. Sha’b-Ambar-South-platou – third dive and overnight in the North-lagoon

Thirteenth day:

1. Sha’b-Jumna-South – first dive
2. Sanganeb-South – second dive
3. Wingate-reef-Umbria – third dive and overnight in Port Sudan