10 tips for newly certified scuba divers

As freshly “graduated” scuba divers, we finally receive our certification that lets us purchase dive packages at any scuba diving centre around the world. We excitedly begin planning and we get the first slap in the face when our scuba diving instructors are not standing next to us anymore and for the first time we must solve some more complicated tasks all by ourselves.

Here is a little help to make each of your dives better than the last one.

During the first 20 times we enter the water we continuously find ourselves facing new situations. We need about 30-50 dives to feel comfortable in the water. This many dives are already sufficient to manage even the hairiest of situations, to build on the experiences we had gained up until then. But what happens during the first 30-50 dives? We have created a list for freshly minted divers to help them get through the beginning stages.
Scuba diving course
1. Always have a snorkel pipe on you!

A usual scenario after entering the water: The diver is bouncing among the waves, the wind is blowing water into his face but he would not dare put in the regulator’s mouthpiece as not to use the air from the tank (or lack thereof at the end of the dive). With a snorkel pipe this stressful situation can be easily avoided on the surface. It is best to switch your mouthpiece to the snorkel pipe as soon as you hit the water surface.

2. Make sure your scuba mask fits perfectly!

During the scuba diving course not everybody have their own masks but this should be one of the first parts of your gear to purchase! There is nothing more uncomfortable when water is seeping into your mask or it keeps getting fogged up. You must take the time at the scuba shop to try on all kinds of masks to be able to find the style that fits your face the best.
scuba diving center egypt
3. Do not rush!

If it is possible, do not be among the first ones to put on your neoprene suit; at first pull it up only to your waist, not all the way. Pull up your suit completely only right before you enter the water; it is pretty stifling reaching a state of near-unconsciousness in 40-degree (Celsius) weather while sitting around for half an hour fully suited.

4. Purchase local dive guide books!

In most places at the local scuba dive shops you can find reef guides and scuba dive guide books that help you navigate the local dive sites. You can use this information to expand what you hear during the briefings on the boat before each dive and to familiarise yourself with the local sites.
scuba diving coral reef breefing
5. Drink plenty of fluids!

Let’s start off by saying that water hydrates you! Coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages do not! If anything… We had written an article about this topic already here and here.

6. Learn perfect buoyancy!

Sure, it sounds good. “Ok… wait a sec… is it good now?…” Even scuba divers with hundreds of dives can be completely off the mark when it comes to perfect buoyancy. There are many telltale signs: helping out with hands (hands fluttering around), constantly using fins (trying to compensate with no luck), non-stop adjusting the air in the BCD. The thing is, like it or not, this takes practice. You must spend time on learning this skill, preferably in more shallow waters (it may take one or two complete dives). Try to find a flat and sandy spot at about 10 metres, lie on your belly on the sand and practise harmonising your lungs and your BCD until you feel you are perfectly buoyant. The good news is once you get it, you will never forget it!

7. Get to know other scuba divers!

Introverts are at a disadvantage here. It is a good idea to attend scuba diving events and become members in diving clubs to be able to find people with similar interests to yours. Scuba diving is typically the kind of recreational sport where listening to stories can actually help you learn from others’ mistakes and preferably not from your own.
scuba friends
8. Keep a log book!

As we already think applications and smart phones, download a log book program of your choosing (log books do not have to be paper-based anymore) and record your scuba dives there. If anybody asks, you can easily check where you saw what and what the distinctive characteristics of specific sites were.

9. Be a perfect buddy!

There are numerous buddy portals where you can find dive mates. Or if you are assigned a buddy on a trip, and you may be the biggest goof underwater, stay close to your buddy, watch him because you never know when you may need an alternative air source or other kind of assistance. It is always a toss-up who your buddy will be (but make the most of it).
be a perfect buddy
10. Know your own limitations!

There are scuba divers for example who show visible signs of Nitrogen narcosis already at 15-20 metres. For such divers it is important to be aware of their limitations and not dive any deeper than it is safe. Everybody will understand if in such situations you bring this to the attention of the dive guides.

If you have any other useful tips, ideas or recommendations that would be helpful to new divers, share them with us in the “Comments” after this article.

Water pipe – the latest craze in Europe (too)!

And there is no better proof than the Water Pipe Exhibition in Germany that keeps expanding every year and outgrowing its old pavilions. From the simplest apple flavour to the parfume-impregnated tobacco, it is hard to find an aroma that is not on the palette.

The history of the water pipe in Europe can be followed quite easily; it all started in Egypt where every traveller just had to try it then they took it home with them as souvenirs. The suffocating smoke that made you cough and hack at home did not resemble anything close to the sweet and delicious smoke you remembered while on vacation on Egypt. At the same time people insisted on smoking it, so eventually it got to Switzerland and Germany where the shisha smoking experience was “perfected” and got its start in Europe.

Water pipe in EuropeThere are still some who kind of misinterpret the meaning of shisha and still tie it to various drug uses. Yes, there is “that” kind but regular shisha use probably could have not been able to become this popular had it been so strongly tied to mood altering substances. But this is not why it had become so popular in close friendly circles. Undoubtedly it brings people together when the shisha becomes the focus point with music playing in the background and a pot of hot steaming mint tea on the table while enjoying some good conversation. It builds community and has a virtual presence in everyday life.

Sisha in EgyptOur favourite is the double-apple flavour

There are lots of tobacco falvours, it is only a question of personal taste as to which becomes one’s favourite or which mix they prefer. The most popular flavours are double-apple, mint, grapefruit and blueberry. You can now find a variety of flavour-enhancers, tobacco refreshers, vapour creams at your local shisha shops. Hard-core shisha smokers try every new product and flavour but there is just nothing better than a double-apple mix.

smoking Water pipe in EgyptAnd now onto the “real educational” part. Yes, we are aware of the harmful effects of shisha smoking but at the same time it would be difficult to ignore its positive impact on health like its stress relieving, relaxing and calming effects all of which are invaluable in today’s fast-paced society.

As for us, you will find all of this onboard Andromeda and Cassiopeia where the crowning glory at the end of a diving day is puffing on some sweet shisha in good company of course (and always).

Happy puffing to you all!


Plan your next family summer beach holiday with us onboard nothing less than a 500m2 safari boat with 4 decks, offering all-encompassing services. Join us in the wonderful Red Sea and spend your family holiday on uninhabited islands with white sandy beaches and onboard a luxury boat in the turquoise waters. An unforgettable experience, all-inclusive services at super prices!

Family trip in EgyptYour available dates in 2017:

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Your safari boats: 

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EUR590 / person (for adults and children older than 12 years)

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The rates include:

*Transfers between Hurghada airport and the boat

*7 nights full-board onboard accommodations in double cabins

(last night in a hotel if necessary because of the following trip)

*Buffet-style meals 3 times a day, fruits and snacks

*Unlimited soft drinks, mineral water, tea, coffee (Nescafe)

*Fuel surcharge

*Guide services onboard

*Diving and snorkelling (excluding equipment)

*Boat permissions

*Shisha (waterpipe) onboard in the shisha room

*Bed linens and towel use

*Free WIFI where coverage is available

*One 12l aluminum tank / person (for certified divers, DIN connection recommended)


The rates do not include:

*Airplane tickets, visa to Egypt

*Single-cabin surcharge

*Upper-cabin (sea view) surcharge (subject to availability)

*Alcoholic beverages (may be purchased at the Duty-Free shops before the tour)

*Diving equipment and 15l tank rental (upon request)

*Snorkelling equipment and SUP rental (upon request)

*Introductory scuba dive


*Satellite phone use

*Personal expenses

*Lost towel and weight fee

*Bakshish (tip to the crew)

*Beach towels

*Touristic programs

*Travel and diving insurance

*All other expenses not mentioned above


Hurghada can be easily reached within only a couple of hours by non-stop flights from most large European cities. Once you arrive in Hurghada, we transfer you right away to the boats where you can accommodate your cabins and settle in immediately. All our comfortable double cabins are equipped with private bathrooms (shower, sink, toilet), air-conditioning, bed sheets and towels.

The route we take is a bit off the beaten track. We head for North and cruise among islands and lagoons to anchor by the best and shallow spots where you and your children can enjoy white sandy beaches. If they wish, diver moms and dads can also do some diving on these trips. Of course, this will not be a hard-core usual diving tour but we can squeeze in some great diving quality time and all kinds of other water activities.

 Summer family holiday Red Sea

There is a great chance to see and to swim with dolphins near the islands, especially in the afternoon when they swim into the lagoons.

 Summer holiday doplphinYou will spend 7 nights onboard the boat and 6 days at sea. During the day and in the evenings you can share your daily experiences with your travel mates in Egyptian ambiance in the authentic Arabic shisha room. One day before your departure, we will return to Hurghada harbour in the early afternoon and you will have a chance to walk around Hurghada, do a little sightseeing and shopping. The following day we will transfer you back to Hurghada airport for your return flight back home.

 Snorkelling in Egypt with dolphins

While some of you will be diving, your family will be able to enjoy some other activities onboard such as

– watching films on the large LCD screen in the salon or listening to music

– relaxing in the shade or sunbathing on the 100m2 sun deck on comfortable sun beds and sun chairs

– enjoying nice cool refreshments and delicious fruits and snacks

– jumping into the crystal clear waters to cool off or to snorkel and to swim and to marvel at the bustling underwater life

 Swimming with dolphins

May you have any questions or would like to join any of our family trips, just write to us here …

Sudan 1st scuba diving safari trip 2017

Come and start the new year with the most thrilling experience! Book your flights and join us in Sudan! Plan your adventure today! There is no doubt that the best option to spend your diving holidays in Sudan is a liveaboard cruise.  You can follow the different routes among islands, reefs and atolls and look for the best dive sites and migratory species.

Your next scuba diving safari tour date is: 27 February – 6 March, 2017

Your liveaboard in Sudan: M/Y Andromeda

Your route will be: Far North, including the famous Shaab Rumi and Cousteau’s Precontinent, the wreck of Umbria and much more!

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Scuba diving liveaboard in Sudan
Boat rate includes:

*7 nights full-board accommodations onboard in double cabins
*Buffet-style meals 3 times a day and fruits and snacks
*Mineral water, tea, coffee (Nescafe), unlimited soft drinks (Cola, Fanta, Sprite)
*Minimum 2 English-speaking dive guides
– First diving day: 2 day dives and 1 night dive
– Second to last diving day: 3 day dives and 1 night per day
– Last diving day: 2 day dives (returning to the marina after the second dive) Note: In case of long navigation or due to bad weather conditions, dive schedule may be limited or some dive sites may become unreachable. This is always the captain’s decision, keeping in mind the safety of the guests, crew and the boat.
*One 12l aluminum tank / person (DIN connection recommended), weights *Boat permissions
*Shisha (waterpipe) onboard in the Arabic cafe
*Bed linens and towel use
*WIFI where coverage is available

Boat rates do not include:
*Airplane tickets
*Нotel stays in Dubai/Cairo/Khartoum
*Visas and airport/tourism/government taxes
*Fuel surcharge: EUR30/person/week
*Single-cabin surcharge: 30% of the per-person boat rate
*Аlcoholic beverages (limited supply)
*Equipment rental (upon request, limited supply)
*15l steel tank rental: EUR5/tank/day (upon request, limited supply)
*Nitrox: EUR5/tank or EUR80/person/week (max. 32% O2)
*Satellite phone use: EUR3/minute
*Personal expenses
*Lost towel fee: EUR10/towel, lost weight fee
*Bakshish (tip to the guides, crew, EUR50/person/week is recommended)
*Beach towels
*Touristic programs
*Travel and diving insurance
*All other expenses not mentioned above

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