03 May 2013

In focus – the grey reef shark

This week the hammerhead sharks took backstage to the grey reef sharks. And did they ever perform – they were seen at almost all reefs. The first two days were a bit windy then the seas calmed down.

Tour date: April 22-29, 2013
Itinerary: Sudan-Ultimate
Air temperatures: 35C
Water temperatures: 27C
Visibility: 30m

port sudan, harbor, sudan, liveabaords, diving, safari, cruise, boat, red seaBecause of the winds, we had to start the tour in the north where this time there were no currents, so there were no hammerheads either. BUT there were plenty of grey reef sharks and very up close. As the other boats had arrived at Shaab Rumi, we moved on to Sanganeb. There were hammerheads at Logan Reef but it was impossible to stay on the plateau for longer than 30 seconds because of the strong currents. We were hoping that we might be able to catch some at Jibna but there were no currents there either, so after one dive, we continued on to the North side of Sanganeb. Here, we got lucky. Both our groups had the chance to meet up with a school of 20 hammerheads.

scuba diving, dive, sudan, Andromeda, red sea, liveaboard, shark, CousteauBesides the usual shark dives, we must also mention that Cousteau’s Precontinent is getting more and more colourful by the year! It is amazing how the seas had accepted and made their own the used-to-be underwater research base. If you decide to take part in a Sudan safari, we strongly recommend watching Cousteau’s movie “Precontinent 2”. This way it will be even more exciting to dive at this site in person.

sudan, liveaboard, red sea, cruise, diving, safari, boat Day 1: Precontinent, Shaab Rumi, Precontinent
Day 2: Shaab Rumi, Shaab Rumi, Sanganeb South, Sanganeb South
Day 3: Sanganeb South, Shaab Jibna, Shaab Anbar North, Shaab Anbar Lagoon
Day 4: Logan Reef, Logan Reef, Shaab Anbar South, Shaab Anbar Lagoon
Day 5: Shaab Jibna, Sanganeb North, Sanganeb North, Umbria
Day 6: Umbria, Umbria

A new week, new hopes. We will be back next week again and let you know what we will have seen.

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Author: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy