Sudan scuba diving Liveaboard

06 Aug 2013

We are preparing our next season in Sudan for 2014. We are planning 18 diving weeks. Our Sudan itineraries have been expanded with the one-of-a-kind true adventure 1-week and 2-week Deep South Tour and the exciting Ultimate Sudan tour with the combination of North and South dive sites. And we still offer the traditional North and South tours from which to choose.

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Playing with wild dolphins

23 Jul 2013

Let’s face it, Shaab El Erg is not the most beautiful or the most famous diving spot in the Red Sea. It is only one of the hundreds of reefs alike. This week we have had a few beginner divers in our group, so we had decided on this protected bay to be the site of the first dive. The 8-10m depth is perfect for a check dive.

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27 Jun 2013

South Sudan – Black-Belt Diver Paradise!

Just like Christopher Columbus, we have also taken to seeing the world and our destination was the deep southern region of the Red Sea. We had heard lots of tales about this place and we wanted to see for ourselves if the amazing stories of the untouched water world were really true.

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16 May 2013

La Dolce Vita onboard Andromeda

The water temperatures that were once 25C in February, have now become 29C and the air temperatures have also increased by 10C. Due to the lack of any significant winds in Sudan in the past 3 weeks, the water surface is 28-29C now and about 26C at 40m deep. This week there was no full house on the boat, so la dolce vita was in full swing.

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09 May 2013

Warrior fish and the offspring

What an excellent week this has been! Our guides have gotten so used to the constant presence of large marine life that they have almost “forgotten” about all the other creatures beneath the sea. So, this week we asked them especially about these other creatures and it turned out, marine life here does not teem only with hammerheads and grey reef sharks!

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26 Apr 2013

Caught between dolphins and sharks

We found ourselves caught between dolphins and sharks during our dives last week in Sudan. One excitement after the other, one dolphin after the other! If we were not diving, we were snorkelling or “scootering” among the dolphins in the turquoise waters of the lagoon at Shaab Rumi.

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Scooters in Action

15 Apr 2013

The sharks of Sudan attract divers, so all our cabins were booked again last week onboard Andromeda. We headed for North and visited all the sites in our itinerary. We faced some strong currents at a couple of sites but we were in no hurry

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Sudan, the Jolly, under and above water

05 Apr 2013

Five nations represented themselves last week on our Sudan tour. They have had such a blast that several of them are already planning their next year’s safari with us. There were guests from Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Holland and Germany, all jolly individuals, so our crew was also doing a happy dance this week.

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30 Mar 2013

An Eiffel Tower in Sudan

We have concluded a classic week in Sudan with grey reef sharks, white-tip sharks and barracudas. There were no strong currents this weeks which kept the hammerheads away but we still had plenty to see!

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26 Mar 2013

Manta, hammerhead, barracuda!

We have had beautiful sunny weather all week long. It was pretty windy the first three days and because of this, we had change the order of the diving plan. We started diving at the southern sites in the itinerary and we were able to follow the entire North itinerary this week too.

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