Shaab Suedi in Sudan
23 Feb 2015

Blu Sudan

The best diving in the Red Sea is found in Sudan. From amazing war wrecks like the Umbria Wreck, the underwater village of Cousteau's Conshelf II, to vibrant, charm, magic reefs teeming with life such as Sanganeb

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Diving Holiday in Sudan
19 Jan 2015

Photo Adventure Scuba Cruise in Sudan!

Diving Holiday and Photo Workshop to Sudan, Red Sea. Deep South Sudan to Eritrean border, onboard Andromeda. The World most Inspiring Photo Adventure Vacation!

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Money Saving Specials in Sudan 2015
11 Nov 2014

Money-Saving Specials in Sudan

Take a break for a week! Whether it’s with your Buddy, your friends or with your family for your annual holiday, Sudan is the perfect scuba diving holiday destination for that special last-minute getaway!

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In focus: The Dugong

31 Oct 2014

There are only about 2,000 dugongs left alive along the Red Sea shores, hence running into them is a quite rare occasion.

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gibbus sweetlips in the Red Sea
22 Oct 2014

The skies have opened up…

In the past 2 weeks we have not seen any other liveaboards, not in the north, not in the south. And we have also not seen a storm and deluge like the one that hit us in the middle of the week. The rain was pouring down from the sun deck along the stairs like a waterfall.

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Group photo Andromeda
14 Oct 2014

Our Sudan fall season has officially started!

Great anticipation preceded our first week in Sudan this fall especially since this was going to be our first week-long Deep South tour in Sudan in the fall.

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2 weeks in the Deep South of Sudan

23 Sep 2014

The 2-week Deep South tour is perfect for those who have already been to Sudan and wish to see even more and for those who would like to be part of a true adventure.

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Behind our Lense – The Squid

14 Sep 2014

Night dives always bring some surprises that one does not easily forget. On my last trip (near a small wreck near Gubal Island) I met up with a pair of squids.

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Beyond the lens – 70…

27 Aug 2014

This was the biggest experience of my life! Topping our meeting 2 days earlier, this time around a pod of 70 dolphins was swimming and playing along the southern, more shallow end of the Shaab Marsa Alam reef.

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The Pipefish in Focus

21 Aug 2014

“I have no idea why but I began to focus on the two tiny strands of seagrass gently floating close to the sea bottom. Perhaps I was drawn by the perfect harmony of their movements. I descended near them in the sand and began to watch them from even closer

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