Photo Adventure Scuba Cruise in Sudan!

Diving Holiday and Photo Workshop in Sudan, Red Sea. Deep South Sudan to Eritrean border, 14 nights onboard AndromedaExperience something new with us!

Diving Holiday in Sudan
The World’s most Inspiring Photo Adventure Vacation!

Our adventures offer you a chance to combine a spectacular vacation with a wonderful creative learning experience. Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or a professional, we invite you to join us on a truly amazing photographic adventure of a lifetime. May all who come as guests… leave as friends.

Daniel Selmeczi underwater photographerSign up now for an amazing, fully immersive photography workshop in an exotic locale with award-winning photographer Daniel Selmeczi who knows these waters, guides you to all the best spots, gives you feedback, critiques your work and helps you edit your new travel portfolio along the way.

Date: May 18 – June 01, 2015
Route: The Best of and the Deep South of Sudan
Port: Port Sudan

We arrange the Sudanese visa for all our guests. The usual travel to Port Sudan is through Dubai.

This trip is recommended only to advanced divers.

2 – week Deep South tour plan
Day 1: 1. Sanganeb South / 2. Shaab Jibna / 3. Shaab Ambar (night dive)
Day 2: 1. Shaab Ambar South Plateau / 2. Keary Reef / 3. Logan Reef / 4. Shaab Ambar (night dive) Day 3: 1. Protector Ree / 2. Protector Reef / 3. Preserver Reef / 4. Preserver Reef (night dive)
Day 4: 1. Bara Musa Saghir / 2. Karam Masamirit / 3. Karam Masamirit / 4. Masamirit (night dive) Day 5: 1. Karam Masamirit / 2. Masamirit / 3. Masamirit / 4. Masamirit (night dive)
Day 6: 1. Ghab Abi Island / 2. Dahrat Qab Island / 3. Dahrat Qab Island / 4. Dahrat Qab Island (night dive) Day 7: 1. Dahrat Qab / 2. Dahrat Qab / 3. Dahrat Qab / 4. Dahrat Qab (night dive)
Day 8: 1. Miyum / 2. Qab Miyum / 3. Dahrat Qab / 4. Dahrat Qab (night dive)
Day 9: 1. Dahrat Abid / 2. Dahrat Abid / 3. Dahrat Qab / 4. Dahrat Qab (night dive)
Day 10: 1. Dahrat Ed Dak Hilat / 2. Ed Domesh Shesh Island / 3.Shaab Loka / 4. Shaab Loka (night dive) Day 11: 1. Shaab Loka / 2. Bara Musa Kebir / 3. Shaab Tawil / 4. Shaab Tawil (night dive)
Day 12: 1. Nakhalat Pinnacle / 2. Pender Reef / 3. Shaab Ambar / 4. Shaab Ambar Lagoon (night dive) Day 13: 1. Shaab Jibna / 2. Sanganeb South / 3. Umbria

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A look into the scubalife onboard Andromeda in Sudan:

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Supersonic diving safari offers in the Red Sea

Aside from the political unrest in Egypt in the past few months, the diving industry kept ploughing ahead but with fewer divers in August and in September than usual. Most old-timers could not have been persuaded to stay away despite many European countries issuing warnings against travelling to Egypt.

However by the end of September most countries have eased or lifted their travel restrictions and deemed certain areas such as the resort towns and the Cairo airport safe for travel.

Clown fish Red Sea
Taking a breather for these few weeks definitely had a positive impact on the corals and marine life. They had a chance to regenerate and we were able to cruise the Red Sea virtually by ourselves, to the delight of the divers onboard, while most of the diving boats stood idle in the harbours.

We barely needed to jump into the water, there was so much to see. Dolphins circled around our boat and we could barely keep count of the turtles popping their heads out of the water for air. We saw mantas, up to 30 hammerheads at a time, oceanic white-tip sharks and lots of other marvels we thought now only existed in the marine life encyclopedia.

Red Sea dolphin
Life has returned to normal in Egypt in the past couple of weeks. Charter companies have resumed their flights, tourists and divers are arriving in great numbers again to the Red Sea! Many are still trying to catch a few good diving weeks left in the season but there are fewer and fewer available places.

The goldfish turns white without adequate sunshine and we are the same. Sometimes we just must pull up the shades and get that Vitamin D! Diving, good eats, relaxation, sunshine, let’s go!

Our supersonic diving safari offers in the Red Sea:

November 3-10, Brothers+Elphinstone safari with Andromeda
November 10-17, Brothers+Deadalus+Elphinstone safari with Cassiopeia

What we are offering: 27-degree waters, unparalleled diving, mouth-watering meals and simple relaxation. Don’t hesitate, book your trip here: