Liveaboard trips in Sudan (2020.)

In Sudan you will find a wonderful ecosystem, wrecks alive with abundant marine life, and coral reefs that today are part of the world’s most species-rich living systems. Its waters are teeming with hammerhead and reef sharks, dolphins, turtles, barracuda and jackfish, just to name a few!

Diving in the Sudanese Red Sea is an experience that promises wonderful coral reefs, giant balls of colourful tropical fish, and an unparalleled variety of shark, fish and manta species that take diving to the next level.

This is the home of Cousteau’s underwater empire, of Umbria resting in her watery grave and of Shaab Rumi teeming with sharks.

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Cousteau’s favourite dive sites (2019 appointments)

Many dive sites close to Cousteau’s own heart had since become world-renowned. But which were the great explorer’s top 10 favourites?

  1. Shaab Rumi, Sudan
  2. Sipadan, Malaysia
  3. Cocos Island, Costa Rica
  4. Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand
  5. Aliwal Shoal, South Africa
  6. Vancouver Island, Canada
  7. Blue Hole, Belize
  8. Cozumel, Mexico
  9. Heron Island, Australia
  10. Richelieu Rock, Thailand

It is no surprise that Sudan’s Shaab Rumi made the list, after all, great experiences, and exciting work and discoveries connect him to this site. Marvellous diving and an Academy Award. Jacques Cousteau, also known as the father of scuba diving, not only loved diving in this region of the Red Sea, but he had made several discoveries as well.

Jacques Cousteau, or Captain Cousteau to many, was a world-famous marine explorer who dedicated his entire life to marine discoveries. His main fields of interest bore not only great significance to science, but they also raised the curiosity of the general public. He garnered absolute fame with his underwater experiments he conducted in the beginning of the 1960s. Can man live underwater for a prolonged period of time? As part of his Precontinent II experiment, he spent a month living underwater, which they documented in a film. The film, titled “World Without Sun”, was awarded the Oscar in the category of Best Documentary Feature. It says a lot that of all the seas in the world, he chose the Sudanese Red Sea for his experiment. Though to those who had been to Sudan before, this is a no-brainer. One thing is for certain – Captain Cousteau had definitely managed to place Sudan into the psyche of divers.

Anybody who had dived in Egypt before knows that the Red Sea is an amazing and excellent place for scuba diving. Yet, one cannot simply think that if they had dived in Egypt, they saw everything the Red Sea has to offer. Far from the truth, since the Sudanese Red Sea is exceptional and incomparable. While you dive in the same Red Sea in both countries, the two experiences could not be any different. In Egypt hundreds of liveaboards sail the waters, but in Sudan this number barely reaches ten. The result of which may be that during a liveaboard trip, you see no other boat in sight. Sudan hides the most gorgeous and most pristine coral reefs in the Red Sea that shelter an feed its entire marine life.

This is where you will find the Red Sea’s marine life at its most abundant. Sudan’s warm and crystal clear waters support over 400 species of corals, and over 1,500 species of fish, turtles, and sharks. Large fish live here in large numbers, many of which are rare and even endangered. Here you will always see barracudas, spotted rays, morays, and giant parrotfish, to name a few. The coastal waters of Sudan are also ranked among the top sites for shark lovers. You will encounter grey reef, silky, hammerhead, white-tip, and whale sharks in this region.

If you had a diving bucket list, what would you include? If Sudan is up there, then…

… you should know that the most ideal time for diving in Sudan is between February and May. During these months water temperatures are around 25-28C, and this is when the marine life is at its best and richest. Dive with us on one of our trips:

And now would be a good time to mention that you can visit more of Cousteau’s favourite sites with us, like Mexico (Socorro and Guadalupe).

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Photo Adventure Scuba Cruise in Sudan!

Diving Holiday and Photo Workshop in Sudan, Red Sea. Deep South Sudan to Eritrean border, 14 nights onboard AndromedaExperience something new with us!

Diving Holiday in Sudan
The World’s most Inspiring Photo Adventure Vacation!

Our adventures offer you a chance to combine a spectacular vacation with a wonderful creative learning experience. Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or a professional, we invite you to join us on a truly amazing photographic adventure of a lifetime. May all who come as guests… leave as friends.

Daniel Selmeczi underwater photographerSign up now for an amazing, fully immersive photography workshop in an exotic locale with award-winning photographer Daniel Selmeczi who knows these waters, guides you to all the best spots, gives you feedback, critiques your work and helps you edit your new travel portfolio along the way.

Date: May 18 – June 01, 2015
Route: The Best of and the Deep South of Sudan
Port: Port Sudan

We arrange the Sudanese visa for all our guests. The usual travel to Port Sudan is through Dubai.

This trip is recommended only to advanced divers.

2 – week Deep South tour plan
Day 1: 1. Sanganeb South / 2. Shaab Jibna / 3. Shaab Ambar (night dive)
Day 2: 1. Shaab Ambar South Plateau / 2. Keary Reef / 3. Logan Reef / 4. Shaab Ambar (night dive) Day 3: 1. Protector Ree / 2. Protector Reef / 3. Preserver Reef / 4. Preserver Reef (night dive)
Day 4: 1. Bara Musa Saghir / 2. Karam Masamirit / 3. Karam Masamirit / 4. Masamirit (night dive) Day 5: 1. Karam Masamirit / 2. Masamirit / 3. Masamirit / 4. Masamirit (night dive)
Day 6: 1. Ghab Abi Island / 2. Dahrat Qab Island / 3. Dahrat Qab Island / 4. Dahrat Qab Island (night dive) Day 7: 1. Dahrat Qab / 2. Dahrat Qab / 3. Dahrat Qab / 4. Dahrat Qab (night dive)
Day 8: 1. Miyum / 2. Qab Miyum / 3. Dahrat Qab / 4. Dahrat Qab (night dive)
Day 9: 1. Dahrat Abid / 2. Dahrat Abid / 3. Dahrat Qab / 4. Dahrat Qab (night dive)
Day 10: 1. Dahrat Ed Dak Hilat / 2. Ed Domesh Shesh Island / 3.Shaab Loka / 4. Shaab Loka (night dive) Day 11: 1. Shaab Loka / 2. Bara Musa Kebir / 3. Shaab Tawil / 4. Shaab Tawil (night dive)
Day 12: 1. Nakhalat Pinnacle / 2. Pender Reef / 3. Shaab Ambar / 4. Shaab Ambar Lagoon (night dive) Day 13: 1. Shaab Jibna / 2. Sanganeb South / 3. Umbria

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