The wreck of Umbria in Sudan

The wreck of UMBRIA, an old italian freighter that provided war material for the italian troops in Eritrea in 1940. When the British entered the vessel, the Captain decided to sink his own ship. Now it´s a terrific place for scuba diving.

Location: Red Sea / Sudan
Depth: 38 meter

The wreck “Umbria” was built in Hamburg 1912 and started life as a freighter. Umbria has a cargo of 360.000 bombs that makes the exploring of the wreck still more exciting. The “Umbria” is one of the most famous sunken ships in the world. Lying in the shelter of Wingate Reef, just outside Port Sudan and largely unaffected by currents and tides, it is within easy reach of Port Sudan harbour.

The Wreck of UmbriaThe wreck lies at an angle on her port side with her starboard davits breaking the surface. At a maximum depth of 36m, the Umbria is shallow by most wreck divers’ standards. With plenty of light and good visibility, entering most of the ship is easy. The hull itself is completely intact, if heavily encrusted with marine life, and can be explored internally and externally along its entire length.

You can dive the wreck of Umbria onboard Andromeda or Cassiopeia from February until the end of June.

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Scuba Diving holiday in Sudan

Sudan in Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go on a scuba diving holiday any time of the year. New or experienced scuba divers can choose from a variety of areas and destinations. There are untouched coral reefs including the world famous Shaab Rumi where Cousteau conducted his experiments.

There is also the wreck of Umbira, a 150m long WWII ship that sank in quite shallow waters, making her easy to dive. You will see tube sponges and soft corals hanging from the walls and arches of the reefs while you’re scuba diving on a luxuary liveaboard in Sudan.

Scuba diving holiday in SudanThe number of boats and liveaboards in Sudan offering diving safaris is about 8-9 (in Egypt there are hundreds), so during the diving safari holiday scuba divers do not meet other cruises or liveaboards and do not have to fight for space underwater with other scuba divers. The scuba dives are only for the group and the dive sites can be enjoyed without the crowds.

Sudan is mostly famous for its sharks, schools of barracuda, untouched coral reefs and mainly in the south, for the large schools of hammerheads.

On the last day of the diving safari when the boat sails back to the harbour, the guests can visit the island of Suakin, which was once the main port city in the Red Sea. Today it is a white virtual ghost town, famous for its houses built from coral “bricks”.