Fish parade in the month of the Pisces!

We are happy to report that our third week was a success too! The Sun is already well in the month of the Pisces and we keep threading the waters of the Sudanese Red Sea (as well) week after week in order to see and be able to show you more and more fish. Among last week’s offer were hammerheads, and not just a few, grey reef sharks, jackfish and the inevitable schools of barracuda. And for dessert, we were able to marvel in a full moon as well.

Tour date: February 23 – March 2, 2013
Itinerary: Sudan-North
Air temperature: 28-30C
Water temperature: 25C
Visibility: 20-30m

We have started out with stronger winds, we were fighting the elements but despite it all, we were able to visit all the sites in our North itinerary. The usual 4-hour boat ride between Shaab Suedi and Shambaia lasted 5 ½ hours this time. Thankfully the winds had quite died down by the second night and the rest of the week was calmer, sometimes a bit cloudy but warm.

Day 1: Shaab Suedi, Gota Shambaia, Gota Shambaia
Day 2: Angarosh, Angarosh, Merlo, Gota Shambaia
Day 3: Quita el Banna, Quita el Banna, Blue Belt, Shaab Rumi Preconitinent (night dive)
Day 4: Shaab Rumi South Plateau (2 dives), Precontinent (night dive in the lagoon)
Day 5: Shaab Rumi, Sanganeb South, Sanganeb South, Umbria
Day 6: Umbria

This week again we were focusing on the large fish, we were scouring the big blue around us where we could expect sharks to appear. We counted 20 hammerheads at Angarosh. At Quita El Bana 10 nice specimens circled 3-4m above us and Shaab Rumi was true to itself again with grey reef sharks showing up and 2-3 hammerheads swimming near us.

The schools of barracuda and jackfish at Shaab Rumi left everyone in an awe. The waters were clear at Cousteau’s Precontinent and at Umbria as well. Taking advantage of this, we wandered in the entire wreck.

A new week is coming, new hopes are rising and next week we are coming back with another report.

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Angarosh – the Mother of Sharks
A Perfect Start in Sudan

Expedition for the pleasure seeker, the curious and for old salts!

Let us look a bit further South in Sudan… they say it is worth your while! So, we have decided to cruise around for a couple of weeks. The 5* Andromeda’s first Deep South safari in Sudan will be in June this year.

We will map out the whole Deep South area for you beforehand, so when you arrive, we will be able to show you only the best sites in the region! We will find the best sites to set anchor, the best places with the most amazing marine life and the most favourable visibility. We will check out current directions and strengths and design the perfect dives and itinerary for you.

This is a truly unique experience full of the unknown, the never-seen, the out-of-reach – until now. The goal of this 2-week expedition safari is to show you as many as we can of the best sites in the Deep South of the Sudanese Red Sea.

If you are adventurous and just cannot get enough of diving in one of the leading divers’ destinations in the world, then join us! Destination – Deep South Sudan!

The date of the 2-week Deep South Sudan safari is June 3 – 17, 2013.
For further details, write us!

Photo by Daniel Selmeczi

Win a Free Diving Safari!

Win a Free Diving Safari for 2 people from 04th until 11th August, 2010!

How to enter the game?

Upload your picture about M/Y Cassiopeia or M/Y Andromeda into our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari Group and win a free stay onboard Cassiopeia from 04th until 11th August, 2010 (including transfers between Hurghada airport and boat, 7 nights fullboard accomodation onboard, diving, taxes and sisha/waterpipe onboard). The winner can be anyone who uploads a picture of either of the 2 boats. You can upload more than one picture, but it will count as one participant in the game.

The winner will be notified by e-mail until 31st of July.
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– The price is not transferable to another person and can not be exchanged for money.
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16 weeks of diving in Sudan

We have enjoyed Sudan’s hospitality once again in the beginning of this year for 16 weeks. It seems as if Andromeda had just left for Sudan and this past weekend she has already sailed back to Egypt to continue her work there after a quick and well deserved maintenance job.

Cruise AndromedaSudan has proven to be once more one of the unsurpassed gems of the Red Sea for scuba divers with its unique underwater sites, friendly atmosphere and superb climate.

During her 16 weeks in Sudan, Andromeda has sailed to the Northern dive sites 14 times and has spent 4 weeks at the Southern sites. She spent a week in the Port Sudan harbour due to the situation of the Iceland volcano eruption when a German group had had to cancel their tour because of airspace closings. All in all, 346 divers have toured with us this season from 17 countries including the US, the UK, Slovakia, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Holland, Spain, Finland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Russia and Slovenia.

The most visited site was Shaab Rumi which Andromeda had visited 17 times. Thanks to the frequent presence of grey and hammerhead sharks, Shaab Rumi has provided the most exciting underwater adventure for the divers and at special requests, the boat has returned to the site seveal times during a tour.

Red Sea sharkThis is the only place in the world where these amazing animals can be found in such great schools. At times hammerhead curtains have swum by us, counting up to 2-300 sharks.

All the outstanding underwater sites divers were able to see and their satisfaction with their holidays have helped to make these past 4 months in Sudan a great success. We extend our special thanks to our partners, tour operators and all those divers who have chosen us for their Sudan diving holiday this season.

Thank you for your support, the countless photos, Web links and appreciation we have received in the past weeks and months!

Red Sea mantaNext we are continuing our shark adventures in February, 2011 and we look forward to welcoming all diving instructors, diving schools, diving tour operators and individual divers who have not had the chance to join us this year or would like to make a repeat tour next year again.

Book your 2011 Sudan tours by 31.12.2010 and take advantage of our 2010 rates for 2011 as well! Contact your tour operator, tour organiser or send us an e-mail!