Hammerhead “hunt”

If we are talking about the Sudanese Red Sea, we must emphasise that you can expect to dive with sharks at most dive sites. Sudan’s truly unique trait is when you are surrounded by a school of sharks so large, you cannot see beyond it and even the most experienced dive guides used to seeing plenty of sharks are left in an awe. In short, this is exactly what has happened this week.

And this is Shaab Jibna in the next second…
Hammerhead at Shaab Jibna in Sudan
We have had an exciting week. We ran into a couple reef sharks on the southern side of Sanganeb already on the first day and the next morning the hammerheads showed up too on the northern side. Shaab Rumi was exceptional this week with lots of reef sharks, a school of 20 hammerheads, dolphins and turtles. The week was crowned by Jibna where we found ourselves right in the midst of 50 hammerheads at 30 metres. We were literally doused with hammerheads, a virtual cloud surrounding us. This has been the best shark week so far!

We must add though that we had to modify our original tour plan scheduled for this week because of the strong winds. Instead of heading north, we navigated more towards the south as we were not able to go farther than Shaab Rumi. Although Angarosh was left out of the itinerary, Jibna was well worth this little detour. Here is why:

Tip of the week:
If there is a place where your best bet is to dive with Nitrox, it is Sudan! We often swim to 20-40m depths along drop-offs and reef walls.

Why use Nitrox:
– longer bottom time
– shorter surface time
– longer repeat dives
– safety! – using O2 tables, keeping to the maximum depth
– less change for narcosis

This is where we were this week:
Divesites Red Sea Sudan
April 28, 2014 – May 5, 2014 — Andromeda — Sudan-South tour
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Sudan is famous for its sharks

Scuba diving in Sudan is one of the most beautiful and adventurous in the world. Dive sites in the Sudanese waters are untouched and can be reached only by zodiacs. The pristine sea hides some of the most amazing coral formations and underwater life in the world. Hundreds of metres deep drop-offs, the wildest variety of marine life make diving so exhilarating here. Sharks are a definite drawing force for scuba divers.

Stop Shark Finning!

Every year tens of millions of sharks die a slow death because of finning. Finning is the inhumane practice of hacking off the shark’s fins and throwing its still living body back into the sea.

Stop Shark finning!Please HELP to stop shark finning and keep sharks in the sea! Spread this message on the web!

Yemeni fishing boatThis Yemeni fishing boat has been spotted in the southern Egyptian Red Sea, de-finning sharks! Please report any sighting of this vessel immediately!

Shark de-finning and fishing are criminal offences, prohibited and punishable by law in the Red Sea, in accordance to regulations set by the Governor of the Red Sea and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in 2006. This vessel has also violated international and Egyptian law by by transgressing into Egyptian waters.

The fishing vessel was observed at Zabargad and Brothers Islands by several diving safari boats, it was last observed near St. John’s at N 23° 24.945′ E 035° 59.282′ It is believed to still be in the area.

Do not approach the boat! Document any activity using photography or video and contact us immeddiately.

This is the time to collectively work together to end a direct threat on our ecosystem and the livelihoods of those who depend on the Red Sea.

Please report any sighting immeddiately via:

HEPCA Office: (+2) 065 344 5035, 065 344 7728
HEPCA Mobile: (+2) 010 635 5011
E-mail: info@hepca.com
VHF Channel: 16