Fall season trends

This fall (as we have written several times on our Facebook page) 6-7 longimanus were swimming week after week at Elphinstone. They were circling above scuba divers as good herding dogs would, they were breathing down divers’ necks even at the deco stops.

In hindsight, we could have guaranteed oceanic whitetip sharks during the entire fall season at the Brother Islands, Daedalus and Elphinstone. All the dives were sensational! The regular appearance of huge schools of large fish constantly distracted divers from the other “smaller” creatures hiding near the reefs.

Even our dive guides got all worked up in the fall months as they did not have to search at all for something to see. The sharks were everywhere, circling around the boats and they were expected to show up at any time for a great encounter!

Although it was visible that the past years’ diver traffic had left its marks on the reefs, these sites can still entice with a large shark population and migrating pelagics.

Photos: Daniel Selmeczi
Text: Livia (Volgyesi) Hertelendy

Last Minute scuba diving Safari

Brothers / Daedalus / Elphinstone scuba diving safari on a luxuary Liveaboard!

One of the most popular live aboard diving itineraries in the Red Sea is again part of our scuba diving program in June. Places are available right now to book onboard M/Y Cassiopeia! Amazingly beautiful wrecks, sharks, mantas, turtles and dolphins have made these diving spots deservingly popular.

Date: June 16 – 23. 2010
Safari route: Brothers / Daedalus / Elphinstone Egypt

Boat: Cassiopeia – Safety and luxury in one place for your scuba diving holiday plans!

Diver search and locate system is available onboard!

Last minute scuba diving holidayNow offering at an unbeatable price!

We hope to see you there! For any further details or with your booking requests, please contact us. Thank you very much.

That it is for know… join your dives!

Until next time happy bubbles és safe travels!

Scuba Diving Holiday in the Red Sea

A week at sea, gently rocking with the boat, sailing among small islands. Skyblue sea as far as the eye can see, sunrays caress your skin, you read a book, listen to your iPod, lay back comfortably in your sunchair and relax until your next dive. Your thoughts are still around the fish from your previous dive but you already look forward to the next one. A week of worryfree holiday when your shisha is prepared for you by the crew every evening after the delicious dinner and while you take puffs from the apple flavoured tobacco, your only thought is you wish this week would never end

Smoking sisha
Your filled-up tank always waits for you in its usual place, tasty food is prepared and ready for you. At night you contemplate whether to sleep under the starry night or spend the quiet night in your cabin. You are bound to relax here – it’s all about that in the middle of the sea. Yet there will be so many adventures and great experiences to remember about this week that you will talk about for a long time to come.

scuba diving holidayWhich itineraries should you try? All of them! If you love wrecks, then choose our North safaris which you can combine with a Tiran itinerary. If you long for calmer seas and less crowded dive sites, then you should try our Safaga area safaris. At Borthers, Daedalus and Elphinstone you will enjoy a real shark adventure! And on a St. John’s safari – well, anything could happen. 🙂 But if you wish to experience something new, then your choice must be Elba.

The possibilities are endless! If you are out of ideas, call us or e-mail us and we will help!

Whale Sharks spotted

Yet more sharks in the Southern Red Sea… but this time the plankton eating kind! Whale Sharks have been spotted off the Brothers more than 3 times in October and November. There is no guarantee when they show up but we have been to the Brother’s Island in the last three weeks and they were all three times. This is definitely one of the most amazing experiences in every scuba diver’s life!
Whale shark Red SeaThe whale sharks were seen every time at Small Brother and some of the scuba divers got completely brilliant pics of them. Deeper down, at about 30 meters, a big school of hammerheads was cruising.