Sharks in Sudan on Andromeda
31 Jul 2017

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea – Sudan 2018

Sudan is a top pick amongst scuba diving travellers in 2018 – Spring season (68% reserved). Some dates you just missed. Our last cabins sold out a few days ago. And still some dates are very popular – we will run out of cabins soon. Do you need help deciding which dates to book?   […]

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14 Jun 2017

10 tips for newly certified scuba divers

As freshly “graduated” divers, we finally receive our certification that lets us purchase dive packages at any diving centre around the world. We excitedly begin planning and we get the first slap

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Smoking waterpipe on the beach
25 May 2017

Water pipe – the latest craze in Europe (too)!

The history of the water pipe in Europe can be followed quite easily; it all started in Egypt where every traveller just had to try it then they took it home with them as souvenirs.

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14 Feb 2017


Plan your next family summer beach holiday with us onboard nothing less than a 500m2 safari boat with 4 decks, offering all-encompassing services. Join us in the wonderful Red Sea and spend your family holiday on uninhabited islands with white sandy beaches and onboard a luxury boat in the turquoise waters. An unforgettable experience, all-inclusive services at super prices!

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valentine's day promotion scuba diving
26 Jan 2017

Valentine’s Day Promotion!

Double up with a friend on your next Sudan diving safari with us in March, 2017 and we take 50% off from your friend’s boat rate.

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Sanganeb lighhouse liveaboard miracle
24 Jan 2017

Sudan 1st scuba diving safari trip 2017

Come and start the new year with the most thrilling experience! Book your flights and join us in Sudan! Plan your adventure today! There is no doubt that the best option to spend your diving holidays in Sudan is a liveaboard cruise.  You can follow the different routes among islands, reefs and atolls and look for the […]

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Black Friday diving safari travel sale
24 Nov 2016

Black Friday 25% Sale Today!

We are happy to welcome you onboard in SUDAN! Below you will find the details of our offer for you that is valid only today, on November 25! 25% discount today!

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Black Friday Sale scuba travel holiday
18 Nov 2016

Black Friday SALE!!!

Be among the first to be notified about the year’s biggest diving safari promotion! It is Black Friday at Red Sea Boats Holidays on November 25, 2016!

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barracuda Red Sea Sudan
08 Nov 2016

The Sudan diving safari specialist in 2017 too!

It is time to do something nice for yourself – dive some of the world’s best sites in Sudan! And as a bonus – take 10% off our regular boat rates for another 3 weeks (until November 30, 2016) on our February, 2017 departures!

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5 reasons to dive in Sudan!

06 Sep 2016

Get far enough south in the Red Sea and you won’t see other safari boats, liveaboards, or overdived reefs – just marine life, and lots of it! Sudan is known as the gem of the Red Sea and with reason!

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