23 May 2016

Inspirations from the sea

There is no life without colours. A plump ruby red cherry, a bright green meadow full of magnificent flowers or a the colours of the azure blue sea, do not only delight our eyes but reinforce our want for life.

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Dolphins Red Sea
10 May 2016

Summer diving safaris in Egypt!

We have prepared some awesome diving safari offers for you in Egypt and we are doing our best to serve up some delicious dives every week. Our summer tours will be packed with wrecks and dolphins!

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Spring Season in Sudan 2017!

18 Apr 2016

You ask for it, we deliver! Mantas, even in groups, are a common sight, especially in the Northern region. But the South is not lagging behind either.

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selfie underwater
14 Apr 2016

The secret to a perfect selfie under water

If you tried to take a professional-looking selfie under water with a mobile phone, that would be like attempting the Tour de France with a city bike – success would not be guaranteed.

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What does the average scuba diver physique look like?

06 Apr 2016

At first, we should examine the anatomy and physiology of marine mammals. Let’s take the seal, for example, who is small but ample yet is still agile and comfortable in the water.

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Our lucky number: 13!

24 Mar 2016

Let's celebrate our Birthday together in May onboard Cassiopeia! We are turning 13 years old. All our guests in May onboard Cassiopeia will receive a Celebration Package!

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Things you do NOT want to hear on a diving safari!

21 Mar 2016

We have collected the most memorable lines we had encountered during our diving safaris and we are still talking about. The list is not even close to being complete, so feel free to add to it by writing a comment.

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Interesting facts about diving in Sudan
10 Mar 2016

Interesting facts about scuba diving in Sudan!

100% guaranteed that Sudan is one of the few places left in the world that remains pristine untouched by man.

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Prepared scuba diver
02 Mar 2016

What kind of diver are YOU?

Have you ever asked yourself the question – “What kind of a diver am I really?” We have and the result is this article in which we categorised divers into 6 groups.

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Why would you want to dive with hammerhead sharks in Sudan?

15 Feb 2016

Perhaps diving with sharks is not on your bucket list yet but now you can find out why it should be. One of the most exciting things about diving is the opportunity of meeting up with sharks!

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